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DTS-CUP 2009
Dota: Kazakhstan quals for DTS-Cup 2009::Dota
During 2 month all Kazakhstan Dota-players took part in DTS-Cup::Dota Kazakhstan Qualification.6 cities, 1 month of intence battles, and today 4 best teams gathered in Almata at Omega-Sektor 10 for the final showdown.4 best-of-3 games were really tough.…
CS: tp.uSports, third team from Russia on DTS-Cup 2009
There is the information about DTS-Cup 2009 qalification that was hold in  Moscow on May, 9th 2009 г in LAN center 4Game. They were visited by 12 teams such as: spb.Islanders,, ForTeam, PinCho, T44, Centergo and others. 4 groups with 3 teams,…
Brief info about DTS-Cup 2009
There is  the information about DTS-Cup 2009.  Brief rules CS and DOTA: 1. A group stage  2. Play-off by Double Elemination.  You can see more detailed information on our site on May, 12th, 2009  Draw for DTS-Cup: Draw…
CS: Lemondogs attending DTS-Cup 2009
There is a final list of participants DTS-Cup 2009, as you see today Lemondogs attend our tournament.01.  DTS.chatrix (Ukraine) 02.  Amazing Gaming (Ukraine) 03.  Pro100 (Ukraine) 04.  R1A (Ukraine) 05.  Kerch.NET…
DotA: Online qualification this sunday
Date: Sunday, 10th of May 2009 Time: 11-00 Kiev time (12-00 Moscow time, 10-00 СЕТ) Registration: to take part in tournament you have sent e-mail to [email protected] with topic "Team XXXX registration for DTS-Cup qual". In body of mail you have to…
CS: Last slot for DTS-Cup 2009 will be played in Moscow
News for all fans CS scene of Russia. Last quota on DTS-Cup 2009 will be played on 9th of May, in 4Game (Moscow). The given date has been chosen not casually since on May, 8th, all Russian teams will battle for a quota on KODE5 Global Final. Registration…
CS: stOrm (Uzbekistan) becomes participant DTS-Cup 2009
Winners of the last Arbalet-CUP, the Uzbek team stOrm became participants of Grand final DTS-Cup 2009.Вот список команд на сегодня:01.  DTS.chatrix (Ukraine) 02.  Amazing Gaming (Ukraine) 03.  Pro100 (Ukraine) 04.  R1A…
CS: IGG.AGN from Romania attend to DTS-Cup 2009
Today it became known that the Romanian team IGG.ARCHFURIOUS will take part in final DTS-Cup 2009. Also within the next few days you'll know destiny of other 3 slots.01.  DTS.chatrix (Ukraine) 02.  Amazing Gaming (Ukraine) 03.  Pro100…
CS: News about partipicants of DTS-Cup
The last few days we have some unpleasant news concerning the list of participants DTS-Cup 2009. For the various reasons a lot of TOP teams have refused participation.However for today the list of teams looks not too badly. Also we do our best to make…
Dota: Qualufying tournament in Kursk, Russia
Last Saturday, April 25th, the russian DotA qualifyiers was played at Kursk. The best 8 teams from european part of Russia were fighting for the slot at DTS-Cup 2009 Grand Finals. Gruop Stage: Group А Jteam  Qrush  1001  Orel Group…
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