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DTS-CUP 2009
Second day photos
Photos from second day. LIVE update here.
Games on stage for second day DTS-Cup 2009
There are the games on stage, day second DTS-Cup 200910:00 WeMadeFOX vs WICKED12:00 k23 vs WeMadeFOX /WICKED 14:00 Final game DOTA. 17:00-19:30 Final, losers bracket CS 1.6 20:00-21:30 Final, CS 1.6 21:30-22:00 Winners rewarding
Draw and 1st day photos
You can see drawand 1st dayCounter-Strikephoto.
CS: Games on stage 16.05.2009
There are first games on stage:16.05.09 13:30-14:30 AG vs WeMadeFOX 14:30-15:30WICKED vs Kerch.NET
DTS-Cup 2009, draw LIVE
Draw DTS-Cup 2009 LIVE here.
DTS-Cup 2009, Soccer edition
Besides CS or DOTA, gamers frequently are proud of the ability to play various outdoor games. We will check it today. From 20:00 till 22:00, will be held the soccer matches between guests of the tournament. More detailed information and photoreport on…
DOTA: Official DOTA map for DTS-Cup 2009
If you want to watch the DOTA games of DTS-Cup 2009, you'll need an official map of tournament. You can get it here.
Dota: Team Rosters for DTS-Cup 2009 Grandfinals
01. DTS.chatrix Alexandr "DkPhobos" Kucherya Artur "Go[blin]" Kostenko Dmitriy "LightofHeaven" Kupriyanov Alexey "Travka" Trofimenko Ivan "Artstyle" Antonov 02. GZ Dima "chernigov" GluhovDima "demon BezruchkoOleksandr "muzzle" SaninEvgeniy "hron"…
Adrress of CAHTRIX LAN centers in Dnepropetrovsk
AdrressTC "DAFI", Zoryani 1-a, Dnepropetrovsk (CS 1.6 tournament, and final games of DOTA)AdrressTC "Babylone", Marshala Malinovskogo street 2, Dnepropetrovsk(DOTA Group Sarge)
Tournament time table, draw for DTS-Cup 2009
Here you can find time table and other additional info about DTS-Cup 2009. Draw for DTS-Cup 2009 will be held 15.05.2009 in 17:00 CET, on our site in LIVE stream mode. So keep in touch with us.
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