Dota: Kazakhstan quals for DTS-Cup 2009::Dota

During 2 month all Kazakhstan Dota-players took part in DTS-Cup::Dota Kazakhstan Qualification.
6 cities, 1 month of intence battles, and today 4 best teams gathered in Almata at Omega-Sektor 10 for the final showdown.

4 best-of-3 games were really tough. We could all witness them at GarenaTV.
Full info, interviews, results, photos and replays you can find at  http://www.cybersport.kz

And the winners are:
1 place: OS|One - slot at DTS-Cup::Dota 2009 GrandFinal + payed trip
2 place: OSPL
3-4 place: Os|Rush, POTM
Tournament time table, draw for DTS-Cup 2009
CS: tp.uSports, third team from Russia on DTS-Cup 2009

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parni repy zakidivaete srazu pls
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Stalcaaat tawiii bliaaaaaaaaaa :D
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Budem ebashit)
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Nu Ronin zatashiii
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