Brief info about DTS-Cup 2009

There is  the information about DTS-Cup 2009. 

Brief rules CS and DOTA: 
1. A group stage 
2. Play-off by Double Elemination. 
You can see more detailed information on our site on May, 12th, 2009 

Draw for DTS-Cup: 
Draw will be held on May, 15th 2009 on-line. Stream translation of the given action will be provided by cyberarena.tv 
All official info about Draw will be on our site 15th May 2009.

Referees of tournament: 
Counter-Strike 1.6, - Alexey "pro100.JuneoR" Kusov 
DOTA,  - Vitaly "v1lat" Volochaj 

The information for spectators: 
We bring to your attention the schedule of performances on a stage: 

11:00-12:30 Group Stage CS 1.6 
13:00-14:30 Group Stage CS 1.6 
15:00-16:30 Round 1, Winners Bracket CS 1.6 
17:00-18:30 Round 2, Losers Bracket CS 1.6 
19:00-21:00 Semifinal, Winners Bracket DOTA 
21:30-23:30 Semifinal, Loser Bracket DOTA 

10:00-11:30 Round 2, Winners Bracket CS 1.6 
12:00-13:30 Semifinal, Losers Bracket CS 1.6 
14:00-16:30 Final, DOTA 
17:00-19:30 Final, losers bracket CS 1.6 
20:00-21:30 Final, CS 1.6 
21:30-22:00 Winners rewarding 

Also during tournament, will be the autograph session with E-Sports Ssters of tournament. The game zone will be closed, will be access only in a hall with a game stage. 
We wait for you! 

Entrence is FREE of charge!
CS: tp.uSports, third team from Russia on DTS-Cup 2009
CS: Lemondogs attending DTS-Cup 2009

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Obhet (1916 дней назад)
TO logicsound04,i disrgaee with you wholeheartedly. the divisions, before the season started, were created with the idea that it was the projected quality of teams (ala Pita Pit is #1, Free State Brewery is #2, Astrokitty is #3[?], Das Boot is #4[?], Blue Collar Press is #5, etc.) however, sometimes that's not how it will necessarily be after the first half of the season (Pita Pit #1, Das Boot #2, Astrokitty #3, Blue Collar Press #4, Free State Brewery #5). also, look at the Langston Hughes pool, should Screamers be a #3 seed? No, it just happens to be one of the tougher divisions. Should Red Lyon be a #2 seed? No, the James Naismith pool is one of the weaker divisions. for each team, one must take the TOTALITY of the season, and what is a rating system that is the best fit .THE RPI (if you've noticed, i've released them every week)Im not for one that brags about my work on the RPI. But it IS a helpful tool. And if you've noticed, Candlepants weekly poll is more for debate amongst the teams and for FUN. Sorry the RPI is boring, but it is effective (but not perfect).Back to the seeding, to put Red Lyon as a 6-10 seed in the postseason tournament and other super rigid seeding system like your suggestion would be a disaster. PERIOD.As far as your argument for teams being rewarded for beating up bad teams, look at my team: West Coast Saloon. they are 6-4 and went 4-1 in the second half (they played against last place teams in other pools) where are they seeded in the tourney? (rhetorical question) #23!!! (as they should be) why? the strength of schedule is the weakest in the league. and to have only a 6-4 record with that weak of a schedule DOES NOT WARRANT being seeded in like the top 16.There, now Im done.
Dana (2783 дня назад)
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Glenda (3229 дней назад)
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Suencect (3755 дней назад)
snipes_uzb (4311 дней назад)
storM toka v preod !!!!!!!!! Mi bolem za vas !!!!
BMSL (4313 дней назад)
fanat (4314 дней назад)
kakie igri kakih stadii budut v zale?! kogda ehat smotret... a to priedem a nas ne pustat , napishite pojalusta
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