DotA: Online qualification this sunday

Date: Sunday, 10th of May 2009
Time: 11-00 Kiev time (12-00 Moscow time, 10-00 СЕТ)
Registration: to take part in tournament you have sent e-mail to [email protected] with topic "Team XXXX registration for DTS-Cup qual". In body of mail you have to write - 1) Team Name, 2)Nick and Names of all players, 3) Contact details of your team
Tournament System:  Double Elimination
First place will be granted a spot at DTS-Cup::DotA GrandFinal.

Place: Garena - War3 RPG - -Russia - sP DotA League Room (the last room in Russia section)

Please don't register at tournament if you are not 100% sure that you will go to LAN-Final at 16-17th of May
Tournament brackets will be avialable at 9th of May 00:00

Good Luck, and have fun

Registered teams:
1. Team|fAmE
2. AntiA team
3. eNvk.Team
5. uTa
6. TempesT
7. 60lt Team
8. iron Balls
10. SvT
11. Dwt
CS: Lemondogs attending DTS-Cup 2009
CS: Last slot for DTS-Cup 2009 will be played in Moscow

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Gohil (3228 дней назад)
your thirst for money is alawys growing as you pay to make people update it. Could you make it have a monthly fee of $3 a month? Yes, $36 a year like you said it would come out to be would be a lot if it was multiplied by 1 million or even more. I wouldn't pay monthly for it. I know you get what you pay for but I wouldn't pay a penny a month to play DOTA2, HoN and LoL combined because in my opinion paying a monthly subscription for an online game or even Xbox live is a waste because there is alawys a free game or just a one time payment that's just as good or better. Also to me its to try my best and to have fun I don't want to pay monthly for a game a day (that's about how much I play LoL right now) to have fun when I could be doing other free stuff with my friends. So what can you do to solve this problem? There are three solutions, One make them pay (them because I won't buy it and if the other people that voted low think the same then a large population including me) a $60 dollar fee to download the game and then $10 dollars a month that should quench your thirst for money that you say should increase the chances for an update. Two make it free get all of your crowed and then add extra skins, voices, in game commands, ect. for your champs so that people can pick, choose and pay for what they want. then you have yourself a nice little income. You could also say maybe have a little section in your forums or even matchmaking for those of us who put money into your game that we can go into to escape most of the trolls that would make your community better and it would encourage more people to buy something, or you could have an in game purchase for those options that cost like $40 for the matchmaking and $20 for the forums plus some things in game to make it appealing. Three, make it cost $60 dollars and put in in game purchasable things. Those are just some suggestions that I think would work (for how many people it will work for who knows) its up to you though (obviously). Anyway I hope you get things worked out.VA:F [1.9.11_1134]please wait...(1 vote cast)
 (4062 дня назад)
Synergy.Pho3niX (4313 дней назад)
mi polu4ili kvotu, igrali pod z69, na DTS budem kak SYNERGY
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