CS: News about partipicants of DTS-Cup

The last few days we have some unpleasant news concerning the list of participants DTS-Cup 2009. For the various reasons a lot of TOP teams have refused participation.
However for today the list of teams looks not too badly. Also we do our best to make it stronger. We wont place any information about teams which "has confirmed" the participation, and  will publish participants who are really interested and wish to arrive. 

Here these teams for today:
01.  DTS.chatrix (Ukraine) 
02.  Amazing Gaming (Ukraine) 
03.  Pro100 (Ukraine) 
04.  R1A (Ukraine) 
05.  Kerch.NET (Ukraine) 
06.  Virtus.Pro (Russia) 
07.  forZe (Russia) 
08.  К29 (Belorussia) 
09.  ex-MYM (Poland) - invited team 
10.  k23 (Kazakhstan) - invited team 
11.  Wemade FOX (Korea) - invited team 
12.  Ledpc (Spain) - invited team 
13. Reserved 
14. Reserved 
15. Reserved 
16. Reserved 
CS: IGG.AGN from Romania attend to DTS-Cup 2009
Dota: Qualufying tournament in Kursk, Russia

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Sarath (3075 дней назад)
Keep these articles coming as they've oepned many new doors for me.
striker (4328 дней назад)
final FOXvsMYM I Think L(
J1mmy (4328 дней назад)
what about Ravens now?
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