CS: Team from Belarus qualification on DTS-Cup 2009, changes in list of invited teams.

Today winners of Belarus qualification DTS-Cup 2009 were defined, team K29 became them. 
By the way, with not clear situation with Crack Clan, organizers have decided to hiccup other candidates it on replacement. Also it became known that teams fnatic and SK-gaming wont participate in tournament, because of very busy schedule of the championships in May. For the similar reason we wont see Alternate ATTAX. So we have invited team Ledpc (Spain) which have confirmed the participation. Also negotiations with Ravens (Denmark) and some other teams are carried on. 

Within the next few days we will inform you how the final list of teams-participants will look.
For now list of teams are:

01.  DTS.chatrix (Ukraine) 
02.  Amazing Gaming (Ukraine) 
03.  Pro100 (Ukraine) 
04.  R1A (Ukraine) 
05.  Kerch.NET (Ukraine) 
06.  Virtus.pro (Russia) 
07.  forZe (Russia) 
08.  K29 (Belorussia)  
09. Denmark Ravens (Denmark) - invited team 
10.  TBD
11.  ex-MYM (Poland) - invited team 
12. Казахстан k23 (Kazakhstan) - invited team 
13. Южная Корея Wemade FOX (Korea) - invited team 
14. Испания  Ledpc (Spain) - invited team
15. Reserved
16. Reserved
Dota: Qualufying tournament in Kursk, Russia
CS: Russians teams for DTS-Cup 2009

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Kapil (1140 дней назад)
Hi i have come across a mcotrcyole i would like to identify it has a villiers xvc 148cc engine, single exhaust port and a 2 spd albion gear box the only markings on the frame are G1/1005. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Stew (2511 дней назад)
Such an imeprssive answer! You've beaten us all with that!
Vsemtoma (2940 дней назад)
MashaRW (3247 дней назад)
Olgamoskvina (3481 день назад)
Spander (3489 дней назад)
Wanna see Islanders
Mr.Fat (3489 дней назад)
Ravens new Danish team... Keep an eye on them.. They have some of the biggest talents in for cs 1.6 in Denmark
skillu (3490 дней назад)
mojet stoit perenesti 4emp na leto ???
slo-mo (3490 дней назад)
striker (3490 дней назад)
too bad without fnatic\sk\attax :-( ps. GL K29 !!!
KiTo (3490 дней назад)
Let's go party! Good luck Ledpc ;)
MrT (3490 дней назад)
good luck ledpc & ex-MYM!! gogogo
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