CS: SK-will visit DTS-Cup 2009

SK has confirmed they participation in DTS-Cup 2009 Grand Final. There is a full list of the DTS-Cup 2009 teams:

01.  DTS.chatrix (Ukraine) 
02.  Amazing Gaming (Ukraine) 
03.  Pro100 (Ukraine) 
04.  R1A (Ukraine) 
05.  Kerch.NET (Ukraine) 
06.  On-line qualification for Russian teams (18 of April) 
07.  On-line qualification for Russian teams (18 of April) 
08.  LAN qualification for Belorussia teams (Minsk) (25 of April) 
09.  SK Gaming (Sweden) - invited team 
10.  Mousesports(Germany) - invited team 
11.  ex-MYM (Poland) - invited team 
12. Kazakhstan k23 (Kazakhstan) - invited team 
13.  Alternate ATTAX (Germany) - invited team 
14. Южная Корея Wemade FOX (Korea) - invited team 
15.  Fnatic (Sweden) - invited team 
16.  Crack Clan (Finalnd) - invited team

CS: Russians teams for DTS-Cup 2009
Dota: Russian DotA-quals announced in Kursk-city

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Sanem (1918 дней назад)
I don't think so. I've travel truohgh Poznan, Warsaw, Prysemysl (sp) and Krakow by train and I didn't see any. There are always reasonable hotels or hostels nearby. Poles are really friendly and the 18-35 crowd should speak English fairly well so you shouldn't have too hard of a time finding a place to stay.You could also use Lonelyplanet.com to find a hostel or hotel nearby.
Ted (1979 дней назад)
different parts of Poland were annexed by Russia, Austria and Prussia, three times. And, in fact, Poland was part of Russia a hondrued years ago, but we, Polishmen had never accepted it, and there were risings, partisans, clandestine meetings and teaching, and so on so Mr. Smile is thinking, about what happened after the second world warthen it was a bear hug, but not friendly But i do not understand, why on this postcard is old nobleman, students from Poland were young and skinny
Megan (4025 дней назад)
Megan Megan
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