Dota: Russian DotA-quals announced in Kursk-city

Today all info about Russian DTS-Cup Lan-qualifiers were realeased.
It is puty, but we coldn't contact with any Moscow clubs, so tournament will be held in city Kursk (400-500 km form Moscow).

Tournament Date - 25-26 of April 2009
Place - Russia, Kursk city, Internet-cafe"Top Gun", Dimitrova st. 66.
Registration - ICQ 353903549 or [email protected] till 24th of April
Orga - internet-cafe "Top Gun" , head referee-  BuMBaStiK
Tournament fee - 1500 roubles/per team with online registration, 2000 roubles/pre team with registration before tournament.

Time - 10:00 AM Moscow Time
1st Place  - Slot at DTS-Cup 2009 :: DotA + 15 000 roubles
Контакты - tel. 8-960-675-49-63 (Dmitry), ICQ 353903549 or [email protected]

Detailed info about rules, schedule etc at Prodota.ru
CS: SK-will visit DTS-Cup 2009
CS: Russian qualification DTS-Cup 2009, April, 18 2009

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