CS: Russian qualification DTS-Cup 2009, April, 18 2009

Our parnters form E-Cup.kerch.net announced Russian qualifiers for DTS-Cup 2009 Grand-Final::CS.
The tournament will be held at 18th of April, 9 AM(Kiev time)/10AM(Moscow Time).

Prizes for Russian qualifying tournament:
1st place - Slot at DTS-Cup GrandFinals + 50% form tournament fees
2nd place - Slot at DTS-Cup GrandFinals + 25% form tournament fees

Tournament fee - 20 WMZ (~20 USD all info at www.webmoney.ru)
Tournament system - Group Stage + Single Elimination
This qualification is open for all countries.

Full info (at russian) - at our partners site - E-Cup.kerch.net

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