DTS-Cup 2009, Ukrainian qualification

Today four lucky owners of spots to DTS-Cup 2009 from Ukraine were defined. There is a list of Ukrainian teams:

Украина AG (Kiev, Ukraine)
Украина pro100 (Kharkov, Ukraine)
Украина R1A (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
Украина Kerch.NET (Kerch, Ukraine)

Full info here.

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Zoro (1918 дней назад)
I hate my life but at least this makes it berelbaa.
Rony (2300 дней назад)
Hello. My name is Darcy Mckay, and I am an Area Coordinator in the B.C. division of the Adventist Pathfinder oaotnizarign. Every year we have a staff training weekend and on Saturday night, we have a theme dress-up banquet for all the leaders and their staff from all over BC. Each year we change our theme, usually, from either a period in time, or a country. This year we decided to go with a Ukrainian theme. I saw your group in the Canada parade in Abbotsford today, and was wondering if you would be willing to help us out with a Ukrainian dance demonstration at out training weekend. Our training happens in Hope, BC, and this year it will be held on the weekend of October 20. If you would be able to contact me for further information I would appreciate it. My phone number is 604-853-5520. Thank you for your help. Darcy Mckay
Nina-online (4018 дней назад)
Ja, wahrscheinlich deshalb ist es
dReaMeR! (4357 дней назад)
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