CS: WeMade FOX going to visit DTS-Cup 2009

The best Asian team WeMade FOX has confirmed their participation in DTS-CUP 2009 Grand Final.
There is a list of invited teams for now:

1. Украина DTS.chatrix 
2. Швеция fnatic 
3. Дания mTw.dk 
4. Польша ex.MYM 
5. Финляндия CrackClan 
6. Германия Mousesports 
7. Казахстан K23 
8. Германия Team Alternate 
9.  Южная Корея WeMade FOX

Other slots will be determinate via qualifications: 

4 slots- Украина Ukraine (on-line qualification)
2 slots- Россия Russia (on-line qualification)
1 slot-   Беларусь Belarus (LAN qualification)

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DTS-Cup 2009, Ukrainian qualification
CS: Team Alternate - one more TOP team for DTS-Cup 2009

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Nima (1775 дней назад)
Bryn--I hear what you're saying about peioritirs, although at least two of the bigger-name Americans you mention would be hard-pressed to crack the Japanese squad. For what it's worth, there are two other guys who ran 2:08 and four other guys who ran 2:09 within the Berlin qualification window but didn't make the Japanese team.I was pleasantly surprised to see that Canada is actually sending some marathoners this time. From the looks of it they might be able to give the U.S. a go in the Marathon World Cup team competition.
Tig3r (4147 дней назад)
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