DotA: First LAN-qualifyer in Kyiv

Last week-end at internet-cafe "Matrica" in the center of Kyiv DTS-Cup 2009 was officially started. The best ukrainian DotA team gathered at the morning to play for the first slot at DTS-Cup GrandFinals. 
12 teams took part in tournament, they were seeded and divided to three groups. 

Group A 
Gz def FIST 
Ambush def N.M. 
Gz def Ambush 
N.M. def FIST 
Gz def N.M. 
Ambush def FIST 

1. Gz 3-0 
2. Ambush 2-1 
3. Team N.M. 1-2 
4. FIST 0-3 

Group B 
ua.Style def Fear 
Fear def NSF 
ua.Style def CONS 
us.Style def NSF 
Fear def CONS 

1. ua.Style 3-0 
2. Fear 2-1 
3. NSF 1-2 
4. CONS 0-3 

Group C 
MyRevenge.ua def Stoyano4ka 
NP-team def Team 
Stoyano4ka def NP-team 
MyRevenge.ua def Team 
Stoyano4ka def Team 
MyRevenge.ua def NP-team 

1. MyRevenge.ua 3-0 
2. Stoyano4ka 2-1 
3. NP-team 1-2 
4. Team 0-3 

The best 2 teams from each group, and 2 of 3 teams that finished third at groups advaned to play-off round. 

MyRevenge.ua - Team N.M. 1:0 
ua.Style - Ambush 1:0 
Gz - NP-team 1:0 
Stoyano4ka - Fear 0:1 

MyRevenge.ua - ua.Style 0:1 
Gz - Fear 1:0 

ua.Style - Gz 0:1 

Winners are - Team GZ - Dima_demon, chernigoff, SashkaMuzzle, AOM[Flash], Mes) Next qualifying tournament will be played in Matrica-club in 2 weeks, at 29th of March. So stay tuned to our site
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DotA: Full info about final slots and qualification tournaments

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