CS: Finalists of the first on-line qualifications DTS-CUP 2009

Today the first finalists on-line qualification which will be held on March, 29th, 2009, with Kerchnet support were defined. We remind that the additional qualifying round for all comers will be on March, 22 2009

There is the list of teams for on-line Ukrainian qualifications: 
1. csc.Arena
2. STATE21
3. penguins crew
4. Team Impulse 
5. LG32
6. lastdream
7. sniper
8. ElectronicSquad
9. 300$
10. RIA
11. MyNameis
12. pro100
13. Kerch.Net
14. AG
Others 2 slots will be played in DTS CUP 2009 UA Online pre-Qualification on March, 22nd, 2009.

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