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DTS-CUP 2009
CS: Team from Belarus qualification on DTS-Cup 2009, changes in list of invited teams.
Today winners of Belarus qualification DTS-Cup 2009 were defined, team K29 became them. By the way, with not clear situation with Crack Clan, organizers have decided to hiccup other candidates it on replacement. Also it became known that teams fnatic…
CS: Russians teams for DTS-Cup 2009
Teams of Russian qualification from Russia. There is a play-off bracket. VizertyMIX        [2:0] VizertyMIX        redline-gaming[5:16] de_dust2[13:16] de_inferno  [16:7]…
CS: SK-will visit DTS-Cup 2009
SK has confirmed they participation in DTS-Cup 2009 Grand Final. There is a full list of the DTS-Cup 2009 teams:01.  DTS.chatrix (Ukraine) 02.  Amazing Gaming (Ukraine) 03.  Pro100 (Ukraine) 04.  R1A…
Dota: Russian DotA-quals announced in Kursk-city
Today all info about Russian DTS-Cup Lan-qualifiers were realeased.It is puty, but we coldn't contact with any Moscow clubs, so tournament will be held in city Kursk (400-500 km form Moscow).Tournament Date - 25-26 of April 2009Place - Russia, Kursk city,…
CS: Russian qualification DTS-Cup 2009, April, 18 2009
Our parnters form announced Russian qualifiers for DTS-Cup 2009 Grand-Final::CS.The tournament will be held at 18th of April, 9 AM(Kiev time)/10AM(Moscow Time).Prizes for Russian qualifying tournament:1st place - Slot at DTS-Cup GrandFinals…
DotA, CS: Belarus qualifiers announced
There were announced 2 qualifying tournaments in Belarus in 2 disciplines: CS 1.6 and DotA Allstars. In every discipline 1 slot with paid trip to DTS-Cup 2009 GrandFinal will be granted as a prize.Counter Strike 1.6Thanks to our partners from site SNG.BY we…
DTS-Cup 2009, Ukrainian qualification
UPDATE:Today four lucky owners of spots to DTS-Cup 2009 from Ukraine were defined. There is a list of Ukrainian teams: AG (Kiev, Ukraine) pro100 (Kharkov, Ukraine) R1A (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) Kerch.NET (Kerch, Ukraine)Full…
CS: WeMade FOX going to visit DTS-Cup 2009
The best Asian team WeMade FOX has confirmed their participation in DTS-CUP 2009 Grand Final.There is a list of invited teams for now:1.  DTS.chatrix 2.  fnatic 3. 4.  ex.MYM 5.  CrackClan 6.  Mousesports 7.  K23 8.  Team…
CS: Team Alternate - one more TOP team for DTS-Cup 2009
Today we are glad to you to inform that German team Team Alternate has confirmed  their participation in  DTS-Cup 2009. For today the list of finalists CS 1.6 looks like this:1.  DTS.chatrix 2.  fnatic 3. 4.  ex.MYM 5.  CrackClan 6.  Mousesports 7.  K23 8.  Team…
DotA: Preliminary list of invited teams for DTS-Cup 2009
Less than two month left to DTS-Cup 2009 Grandfinals and we are proud to present to you list of invited or qualified teams to tournament1. DTS.Chatrix 2. ex-MyM(djooks) 3. Kingsurf International 4. Nextplease.DotA 5. Hardteam 6. sp6.Dota 7.…
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