DTS-CUP 2009
Counter-Strike 1.6
Warcraft III DotA
DTS-CUP 2009

Game: Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne ver. 1.23
Type: 5x5
Map: DoTa All Stars ver. 6.59d
Mode: -cm

Tournament System: Group + Double Elimination

1. Games.
1.1. Host for a game has to be chosen from 10 players, observer places: 1 for streamer, 1 for obs/referee.
1.2. Right to ban/pick is randomed in -cm mode.
1.3. Game settings:
- Full shared unit control: manual.
- Lock teams: Yes
- Observers: Full observers
- Random hero: No
- Random races: No
- Teams together: No
- Visibility: Default
1.4. It is not allowed no post messages in ALL CHAT for players, only captains have this right.
1.5. Streamer and referee have to be in every game before start.
1.6. Game is played until finish without any time restrictions.
1.7. Winner - team that will destroy Frozen Throne or Tree of World. If 3 or more players of one team will post "ff" in ALL chat - means team will loose the game.
1.8. After the game captain has to save replay with name "Team1_def_Team2" and confirm the result with referee.

2. Pausing the game.
2.1. Each team can pause the game 3 times for 5 minutes not more.
2.2. Before pausing the game player should post in ALL CHAT "PPP" or "pause plz".
2.3. Only opponent team or referee can resume the game after pause.
2.4. Pausing the game during ban/pick process is NOT ALLOWED. Team will get warning if will broke this rule. Next warning in tournament - technical loose.

3. Saving the game.
3.1. Every team have to save the game:
- After First Blood;
- 10th , 30th, 50th, 70th minute Sentinel save;
- 20th, 40th, 60th 80th minute Scorge save
3.2. Every team can save game after critical moments of the game.
3.3. Every team has right to make technical save/load not more then 2 times/game.

4. Disconnects.
4.1. If 1 or more players will disconnect from game:
- Before First Blood or before 10th minute - game has to be started for very beginning. Players have to pick same heroes and go to same lines.;
- If disconnect was after First Blood or after 10th minute - teams have to LOAD last save.
4.3 It is allowed to control "leaver hero" it is allowed to sell his items by "team-sell"
4.4. More detailed rules are common with others tournaments and rules of fair-play

5. Cheating.
5.1. Using Spiritbreaker or Luna bag - technical loose.
5.2. Creepskip- not ALLOWED.
Backdoor - allower first 2 towers at each line. Backdoring 3rd towers and rags are not allowed.
5.3. It is alllowed to share and sell such items:
- Flasks of Sapphire Water, Lesser Clarity Potion.
- Gem of True Sight.
- Observer Wards, Sentry Wards.
- Scroll of Town Portal.
- Ancient Tango of Essifation
Ring of Health and Void Stone has to be returned to owned not more then after 1 minute of using.
5.5. It is not allowed to share Divine Rapier with teammates by dying form Roshan or neutral creeps.
5.6. Item restrictions:
- 2 Necronomicon for teams.
5.7. Rules can be changed during the tournament by administration of DTS-Cup 2009.

During the game teams can take one 3 min., time out.
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